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NEWS UPDATE: Attorney General Requests Files of Mysterious Mount Vernon Robocalls

In order to update voters on the state of the investigation into robocalls, the Mount Vernon Forward team released this statement today from attorney Danielle Browne, one of the candidates for City Council.

“Late last week, investigators from Attorney General James’s office contacted me in response to the letter we submitted to request an investigation into the disgraceful and illegal robocalls plaguing Mount Vernon households. The investigators requested audio files of the offensive robocalls in question, and we have provided the Attorney General with the material. We do not yet know who originated this gross disinformation attack, as there is no legally required committee or expenditure filed with New York State.

“As this investigation continues, we ask Mount Vernon residents to remain calm and resolute, focused on working together to create a better future for our city. We recognize that in the context of the Attorney General’s ongoing efforts to probe disinformation and robocalls in our state, that we will probably not have a resolution to this case before the June 22nd primary. But I am committed to full cooperation with the Attorney General’s investigation, however long it takes.”

Mount Vernon Forward also noted the recent intervention by the Attorney General into a national robocall case targeting Black voters for intimidation and disinformation. Via Law Street News:

New York state’s chief law enforcement officer Letitia James announced that her office was granted permission to participate in a case brought by robocalling victims and the National Coalition on Black Civic Participation against two well-known conspiracy theorists who orchestrated a voter intimidation scheme last year. [Link to full story]

In keeping with our pledge of transparency and openness in public life, the Mount Vernon Forward team of Cathlin Gleason, Ed Poteat and Danielle Browne will provide updates on this case as we receive them.


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