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Born and raised in Mount Vernon, Cathlin Gleason has a lifelong history of community and civic engagement in her hometown that centers on her personal motto of “pay it forward.”


The daughter of a Mount Vernon fire commissioner and the spouse of a retired Mount Vernon police officer, Cathlin’s commitment to public service comes from her family ties and her deep network in the city. Cathlin is a longstanding leader in Mount Vernon’s nonprofit community. Cathlin has served on the boards of the Youth Community Outreach Program (YCOP) and the Fleetwood Neighborhood Association, and is President of the Board of Directors of Community Service Associates, Inc. which operates the largest Soup kitchen in Mount Vernon. She is also  an active fundraiser for the Making Stride Against Breast Cancer walk and The Walk to End Azlheimer's. 

Her long record of public services includes her current position as Library Trustee, and chair of the finance committee, where she is charged with overseeing the city’s $4.7 million annual budget. A member of the city Planning Board, Cathlin is also former Second Vice Chair of the Mount Vernon Democratic City Committee.


Professionally, Cathlin is an experienced business person with locally based contracting and building materials firms. A graduate of the Ursuline School in New Rochelle, Cathlin earned her Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts with focus in Communications from Iona College.


Mount Vernon is a city built on hard work. I’ve seen it first-hand, working side by side with proud neighbors helping others through community service and volunteer work. I’ve seen it in local businesses. And I’ve seen it block by block, neighborhood by neighborhood, in the city where I was born and raised. In the place that I love. I will work shoulder to shoulder with you as your representative - to make Mount Vernon a better place.


We are a city that has produced pioneers of their industries, stars of the arts and sporting world, great writers and brilliant leaders. We are near to the bustle of New York City - and facing the challenges of any city - yet we are also a haven apart and must preserve our green space and special character. Mount Vernon must build on our progress, on our unique location and heritage. And we must have leaders who will put the community interest above their own. That is why I am running for Mount Vernon City Council, because I believe in a better Mount Vernon. 


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